Science: Dissecting a Chicken

Dissecting is crucial for learning. I recently read an article where a twenty-something man was whining that slaughtering chickens was horrible. “Why can’t people buy their chicken from Whole Foods, where they make it without killing animals.” We are almost completely separated from the cycle of life. When our food comes pre-packaged, with no resemblance to the actual animal….

IMG_4182 IMG_4221 IMG_4220 IMG_4219 IMG_4218 IMG_4217 IMG_4216 IMG_4215 IMG_4214 IMG_4213 IMG_4212 IMG_4211 IMG_4210 IMG_4209 IMG_4208 IMG_4206 IMG_4205 IMG_4204 IMG_4203 IMG_4202 IMG_4201 IMG_4200 IMG_4199 IMG_4198 IMG_4197 IMG_4196 IMG_4195 IMG_4194 IMG_4193 IMG_4192 IMG_4191 IMG_4190 IMG_4189 IMG_4188 IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4185 IMG_4184 IMG_4183

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