Why emphasize history?

“We need to realize that without some notion of historical recurrence, no one can meaningfully discuss the past at all.  Why even talk about the founding (or decline) of a city, a victory (or defeat) in battle, the rise (or passing away) of a generation, unless we accept that similar things have happened before and could happen again?  Only through recurrence can time reveal the enduring myths that define who we are.  When Aristotle said that poetry is superior to history because history only tells us “what Alchibiades did or had done to him,” he had in mind history as the mere compilation of facts.  To matter, history has to do more.  It has to reconnect people, in time, to what Aristotle called the “timeless forms” of nature.”  -The Fourth Turning


Eden Hope Academy links the past with the present and the future and most importantly, with the bible.  History-wise students grow to emboldened adults.  They are not easily fooled.  When macro evolution is pushed and stuffed and considered science, many students can think back to a little over a hundred years ago.  Horse and buggies slopped through muddy streets using candles to illuminate their way.  It wouldn’t take much mental energy to check the evolution box and move on.  Of course we evolved; we drive autos.  An enlightened student will drift back past the blink of an eye of a hundred years.  They will remember Minoan culture, around 3000 BC and their hot and cold running water, sophisticated government and city planning.

to continue…..

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