Fast Transcripts

Homeschool Legal Defense Association offers a fantastic Transcript maker.  Fast Transcripts is only $16 or $12 for non-members.

On a personal note, if you do not belong to HSLDA, I highly recommend it.  Last October a friend passed away from breast cancer.  She left a ten-year-old daughter and a husband with PTSD from serving in Afghanistan.   In the five days between my friend’s death and funeral, social services had been contacted and began threatening her husband.  A nurse had thought that their daughter was not being schooled. The main point of the complaint was that the daughter did not wear shoes outside.  A HSLDA lawyer listened to the sobbing husband as he explained the situation.  Not only did the lawyer help this dad, he invited him to his home bible study.  The blessing of HSLDA was beyond belief.  HSLDA could have told this dad “you’re not a member”, instead they held him close and helped many of us walking with this family though an impossible time.

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