Year 2, Week 04

Week 4

12.  Water Turned to Wine, at the Wedding in Cana, John 2

Bible Commentary


13.  Praetorian Guard, established in 22 A.D.

The Praetorian Guard is one of our most important cards this year.  The Guard or Cohort was established by Caesar Augustus, but was not formally mandated until 22 A.D.  The Praetorian Guard was the private military force of the emperor.  What began as the emperor’s private security team morphed into the emperor’s force or way to stay in power and finally, by 41 A.D., the Praetorian Guard killed Emperor Caligula and chose Claudius to be emperor.  In less than 20 years, the guard that was  given immunity to protect the emperor, via killing or hurting others, now chose the ruler of the Roman Empire.

Tiberius Caesar, see card 21, established the formal Praetorian Guard.  He was a very jealous and insecure man.  One of victims of Tiberius’ Praetorian Guard was Germanicus.  Germanicus was a great military leader and  the father of Caligua, see card 40.

In discussing the Praetorian Guard with my sweet ones, I talked about Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Ill and Castro.  All of these dictators had a Praetorian Guard.  Stalin’s, the KGB, is now running Russia (Putin).  We discussed that when there is not accountability, people naturally begin to think they are gods.  They believe they are above others and can commit atrosities that would have been rare or unheard of if the populace held a strong reliance on God.

I plan to take pictures of the students wearing a Roman helmet this week.  I will print these and they can paste them on their timeline card for Praetorian Guard. 

Roman Guard coloring sheet

Praetorian Guard video

14.  Nicodemus, John 3

Matthew Henry Bible Commentary

Dramatic video.
15.  Jesus Feeds Five Thousand, John 6

Bible commentary

Coloring Page

Animation.  Start at 6min.

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