Year 2, Week 10

Week 10

31.  Jesus is Crucified, Luke 23

My children drew a picture of Jesus on the cross. They then placed a drop of essential oil on it to remind them of Mary her oil of nard.   Most images of Jesus that we recognize were painted by Middle Ages artists who were no believers, like really really not believers.  If you feel uncomfortable with children drawing His face, you might suggest that they have Jesus’ face point upward.
32.  Jesus Buried in Joseph’s Tomb, Luke 23

We made an arch and colored the back ground black for night.  The arch was left white.  They then cut out an arch of paper and colored it gray for the rock.  They glued the rock over the arch and drew centurion soldiers next to it.
33.  Jesus is Risen from the Grave

My children covered a Jesus cut-out in cellophane and drew pictures of people with their mouth’s open.

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