Year 2, Week 16

49.  “You will always harvest what you plant”, Galatians 6

When Steve and I were first married, several of our friends lived the high life.  They sported fancy cars, fabulous trips — one vacationing couple even hired a private chef for the trip — nannies, house cleaners each week and more.   A handful of friends constantly disparaged their husbands.  Several of the husbands took frequent hunting trips with their buddies or spent long weekends playing golf.

I knew God’s Word said that we always harvest what we plant, but during that ten year period, it did not seem true.  These friends seemed to gain more and more prosperity and have more fun each year.  Slowly, one by one these marriages began to struggle.  The spouses had pursued their “me time” — I used to resent that phrase because with a special needs child it doesn’t exist — for so long that they no longer had a relationship with their partners.  These friends, who had chosen to pursue their own interests, to make their life easier through nannies and avoiding their families were now in trouble.  Their children were addicted to TV and video games and disconnected to them.  How incredibly sad it was to see children who were so sweet as little ones disrespect their parents later.  God’s Word in Galatians 6 now shone through to me.  Our friends who had worked at their relationships, who had lost friendships because they chose to give up golf or another away-from-the-family activity, were thriving.  Their children were and still are sweet.

What Galatians 6 story do you have for your children?
50.  Timothy, ? – 98 A.D
51.  Paul and Silas Imprisoned

  • There were four apostles preaching at Philippi.  Paul, Silas, Timothy and Luke.  Only Paul and Silas were beaten and imprisoned.  Caesar Augustus had forced all Jews to leave Rome in a wave of antisemitism.  The rulers of Philippi had forced Jews to flee there as well.  Since Paul and Silas were Jewish, they were treated much harsher than Timothy and Luke, who were considered gentiles.

Video of Acts 16

Children’s video of Paul and Silas Imprisoned

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