Activity Book


Eden Hope Academy provides our Activity Book to each student.  The books are HUGE.  They allow students to place their whole bodies into the book.  This is a “boy thing”.  Boys learn best when they are fully covered in the activity.  Think of how boys play, somehow, if there is any way possible, they get dirty.  They need to feel the dirt or surround themselves with their projects to feel fully engaged.


The Eden Hope Activity Book encourages students to lean over, relax and create.


Our Activity Books come with a bag of faux fur, wiggly eyes, wood pieces and more!  At Eden Hope Academy, our goal is to provide the students with the raw materials to encourage their imagination to soar.  Girls LOVE the fun supplies, colors, drawing and learning.


Boxes and lines are always large enough to actually draw.  Little ones, especially, become frustrated when they cannot full express themselves.  EHA Activity books always allow plenty of room for masterpieces.


The books become keepsakes.  They are something for your children to proudly show grandma when she questions the sanity of homeschooling.  Seriously, can grandma explain the connection between Jesus, Peter and Tiberius Caesar?  An Eden Hope Academy student could!  Even our three-year-olds could smile and say: “When the Pharisees asked if Jesus was going to pay taxes, Jesus told Peter to open the mouth of the first fish he caught.  There Peter found a Roman coin.  The Caesar on the coin was most likely Tiberius”.

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