Eden Hope’s Tampa Campus

Our Tampa Campus is quite small.  A single little girl.  But it is full of love.  I’s family is so dear to us that when they moved away it left a hole in our group and our hearts that is now filled with constant texts, calls and hopefully a long visit soon.


It is a rare friendship that allows for the renaming of children.  The handsome one here will be famous for his brains or basketball one day and everyone will know him by his real name.  To me, he will always be my Murry.


We would not have been able to have camp without Ro’s help.  She was our biggest supporter and held fast when everything seemed to flop…. right before God turned it around for His Glory.

IMG_2147Through thick and thin.  Through crazy, “let’s screw bones with power tools!” to art; our littlest princess went along with our wild ideas.


Once in a while we all need a little encouragement.  But within minutes, our Tampa sweet one shone.

EvIMG_1720  IMG_3066IMG_3067IMG_3068IMG_3069IMG_2359IMG_2582IMG_2583 Sometimes I need encouragement too.  Ro and her girls spent an entire day with us at Eden Hope’s first convention.  True friendship.


Goofing in the back of the truck as we drive to Middleburg with the little brother are some of the best times.

IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0916 IMG_0919 IMG_0926 IMG_0928

So, while our Tampa campus is quite small.  It is GIGANTIC in its love and beauty.


Check out I’s beautiful work in her Eden Hope book!